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Our Mission

The mission of the Asbury Park African-American Music Project, Inc. (AP-AMP) is to:

  • Share the music, cultural heritage and stories of Springwood Avenue through oral histories, research, writing, and programs

  • Develop accessible resources that reflect Asbury Park’s African-American music heritage for the City of Asbury Park and others to use as a basis for interpretive heritage projects 

  • Address a lack of representation in traditional historic resources and give voice to the stories of Asbury Park’s African American community

  • Engage all who live in and visit Asbury Park in the active exploration, interpretation, understanding, and preservation of Asbury Park's African-American cultural heritage


What We Do




Historical Research & Interviews

Since the beginning of AP-AMP in 2017, we have filmed interviews with local musicians and community members who have been part of the music scene on Springwood Avenue. Other research activities includes recreating historic maps of Springwood Avenue and collecting photographs.

Our oral history interviews and photographs are held at the Bruce Springsteen Archives at Monmouth University and online through our Digital Museum.


Through a collection of oral histories, photographs, and sound recordings, visitors can continue to enjoy the rich history and the contributions of the African-American community as they created a unique musical space within Asbury Park.


Educational Outreach

We are proud to partner with the Asbury Park Public School District, the Asbury Park Public Library, and other community partners to offer educational events and cross-curricular lesson plans dedicated to the history of Asbury Park’s African-American community.



We are proud to host a variety of events and concerts that celebrate the vibrant history of Springwood Avenue.


Many of our events feature local musicians and provide a platform to showcase their talents to the community. We also host special events that focus on the preservation and importance of Asbury Park's African-American musical heritage. 


We invite you to join us for our next event!

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