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Explore these video highlights to learn more about the music and stories of Springwood Avenue. Hear directly from the musicians and other individuals who lived it, as they share their personal stories and experiences.

We are committed to sharing the stories of the musicians and other individuals who have shaped the music and culture of Springwood Avenue. We hope that these videos will help to preserve the history of the area and create a lasting legacy.

These videos were produced by, or in collaboration with, AP-AMP.

This video celebrates several musicians and music industry professionals whose careers touched Springwood Avenue and inspired the "Asbury Park Sound." 


Featuring: Dolores Holland, Clifford Johnson, Alford Griffin, J.T. Bowen, Dorian Parreott, Fred Wynn, and Duval Moore

AP-AMP and the Asbury Park Public Library and project partners are shining a light on the music and cultural heritage of Springwood Avenue through oral histories, research, writing, and programs. The larger-than-life personalities and homegrown musical talent are unique to this city by the sea, but the stories reveal historical narratives shared with African-American communities across the nation.

In this video, the Asbury Park African-American Music Project (AP-AMP) interviews musicians and friends of Gladstone Trott. "Gladdy" was a musician in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Interview moderated by Charles Trott, member of AP-AMP and brother of Gladstone Trott. 


Interviewees: Sandy Sasso, Donald Blue Sr., Cliff Johnson, Tommy La Bella, Dorian Parreott, and Sandy Sasso.

A brief introduction to our organization.

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