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This page showcases articles and videos featuring AP-AMP's work and impact that have been published in various print and online formats. 

If you are a journalist, researcher, or a member of the media, please reach out to us for additional information or to arrange an interview at

“Music Series Celebrates Heritage and Turf Club Restoration”
The Coaster

June 25, 2024


“First Sites Selected for the New Jersey Black Heritage Trail”
New Jersey Department of State - Press Release

April 26, 2024

“Home Turf: Restoring an Iconic Hub for Black Musicians in Asbury Park, New Jersey”
Preservation Magazine

Winter 2024

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Screen Shot 2024-02-12 at 1.16.48 PM.png

“Black History Month: Asbury Park's Turf Club, an icon of Black music culture, making a comeback”
News12 New Jersey

Feb. 12, 2024

“Bruce Springsteen Donates $100K to the Asbury Park African-American Music Project to Support the Revitalization of the Historic Turf Club”
TAP into Asbury Park

December 12, 2023

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Screen Shot 2023-11-30 at 3.23.29 PM.png

“Bruce Springsteen Donates $100,000 to Restoration of Historic Turf Club in Asbury Park”
Asbury Park Press

November 30, 2023

“Asbury Park African-American Music Project preserves and celebrates Springwood Avenue's legacy”
TAP into Asbury Park

October 29, 2023

Screen Shot 2023-11-05 at 11.58.33 AM.png

“ArtsRule in Asbury Park: A Conversation with Jennifer Souder and Yvonne Clayton About Springwood Avenue”
ArtsRule | Michael Sodano

August 13, 2023

“Music Plays Again at Asbury Park's Turf Club”
The Coaster (Asbury Park, NJ)

August 3, 2023

“Turf Club, Asbury Park West Side music legacy in the spotlight at North to Shore Festival”
The Asbury Park Press

June 14, 2023

Screen Shot 2023-06-14 at 3.43.59 PM.png

“The return of the historic Turf Club on the West Side of Asbury Park”

by Tanya Breen

Asbury Park Press

February 22, 2023

“The Turf Club, a long dormant Asbury Park musical landmark, shows signs of life”

by Charles Daye
Asbury Park Press

February 8, 2023

The Turf Club, a long dormant Asbury Park musical landmark, shows signs of life

“Bruce Springsteen poses for photo shoot in Asbury Park on eve of tour”
Asbury Park Press

January 22, 2023

“Under the Boardwalk: Musical Landmarks of the Jersey Shore

by Donald H. Sanborn II
Princeton Magazine

June 2022

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“JT Bowen to perform free Sunday concert at historic Turf Club in Asbury Park”
Asbury Park Press

September 22, 2022

“Asbury Park African-American Music Project -- Interview at The Turf Club ”
WeStar Productions

December 30, 2021

“How Black music history of forgotten West Side of Asbury Park is being rediscovered”
Asbury Park Press

October 18, 2021

“Tuesday at the Turf music series helping to reclaim Asbury Park’s music legacy”
Asbury Park Press

August 18, 2021

Screen Shot 2023-05-21 at 12.41.05 PM.png

“Making Music Burst Out of Asbury’s Turf Club”
Tri-City News

July 29, 2021

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“Neighborhood Hot Spot: Asbury Park’s African American Music Project”
NBC New York Live

June 28, 2019

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Screen Shot 2023-05-21 at 12.23.57 PM.png

“Preserving Asbury Park’s African American Music Heritage”
National Council on Public History

June 27, 2019

“AP-AMP Launches At Danny Clinch Transparent Gallery: Volunteer-run Nonprofit Aims To Preserve Springwood Avenue Music & Cultural Heritage”
The Asbury Park Sun

June 24, 2019

Screen Shot 2023-05-21 at 12.18.19 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-05-30 at 11.37.31 AM.png

“Preserving the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Asbury Park”
The Cultural Landscape Foundation

April 19, 2019

“Asbury Park Women Organize Black History Celebration: A Spotlight on the City's Musical Heritage and Talents
The Asbury Park Sun

March 8, 2018

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