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Roseland Hall

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Did you know that Duke Ellington performed in Asbury Park? In the late 1920s, he did, though the location he performed at isn’t very well known today. Roseland Dance Hall on Springwood Avenue exemplified the city’s love of jazz and dance, becoming an iconic location on the west side.

Mr. Reese Du Pree, who was rumored to have been the first African American singer to record a Blues record, renovated the former Lafayette Hall in 1923, turning it into a popular space for live jazz and dance, initially, and later for political meetings. Famous performers like Duke Ellington and his band performed at this same location which helped amplify Roseland Dance Hall’s popularity especially on the West side of Asbury Park. Unfortunately, records show that Roseland Dance Hall was completely destroyed in a fire in 1931. You can read more about The Roseland Dance Hall and its history through this link. — written by Ahan Iyer


About the Author

Hi! I’m Ahan Iyer, a high school student from Holmdel, New Jersey. My interests include playing the oboe, jazz and chess. I’m a classically trained oboist, but have become interested in exploring various aspects of jazz, including jazz history and jazz composition for the oboe. Apart from exploring the jazz oboe, I play and teach chess. I’m currently working on a research project where I analyze data sets to find patterns that help us understand the wider influences that jazz has globally.

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