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Palm Gardens Nite Club

70 years ago, if you went to 1513 Springwood Avenue, Asbury Park, NJ, you'd find one of the most popular and fashionable night clubs in the area: Palm Gardens Nite Club. Originally opened in the building owned by Dr. George L. Kingslow, this establishment hosted many events featuring talent from all parts of the country. The club was owned by The KBF Company headed by president George Fleming, which advertised the establishment as a "cocktail lounge and dining room." The club was also famed for "always [having] the best in Foods and Liquors," something likely attributed to the fact that the store, Alpha Liquor, which still operates today, was housed in the same building. 

The Palm Gardens Nite Club was not just a place to eat or drink - the club's main attraction was its music. One prominent example of this was the Syn-Coettes All Sepia Girl Band. With the Chicago band's "first eastern appearance," Palm Gardens Nite Club promised an occasion of "Continuous Entertainment and Dancing." The establishment did not just stop at music however; in the same show, the club featured a magician titled Joe "Black Houdini" Frazier, and his performance of the "Dance of The Lamps." Another event at Palm Gardens Nite Club starred dancer and singer Eve Iris accompanied by Sonny Bridges and his quintet featuring Everett Miles, the "Romantic Baritone." 

While Palm Gardens Nite Club might not be around anymore today, its memory and the fun times it fostered still live on. Maybe one day it can open again so that people can experience a night of "Continuous Entertainment and Dancing" once again.

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